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Roe buck hunting in Sweden

On December 20th, 2019

Roe buck hunting in Sweden In the new Krieghoff hunting movie we follow Rolf on his hunt for a roebuck in Sweden. Roe deer are a fascinating game species and during the rut he has plenty of sights, can immerse himself in a week full of nature experiences in the typical landscape of central Sweden.

„Roebuck hunting in Sweden means tranquility, freedom and great stalking opportunities for the experienced hunter. And every now and then, nature offers a massive buck in this delightful Nordic landscape.“

A movie from Sebastian Steinbrink-Minami:

Rolf uses the Krieghoff Hubertus Kipplaufbüchse in caliber .270Win.

More infos about krieghoff rifles:

Here you find the German version (Deutsche Version)!