About Hunting Film

The website www.hunting.film was founded by Sebastian Steinbrink-Minami. Sebastian is filmproducer, hunting videographer and marketing expert in the hunting & outdoor industry. With a vast experience from more than 50 hunting trips on four different continents and over 20 hunting and filming trips in Africa alone, his goal is to create and capture real and authentic content, which stands clearly out to the competition. Owning a hunting licence for more than twenty years and running his own business for over ten years, Sebastian produces for leading brands and outfitters in the outdoor-industry (www.steinbrink-marketing.de) but also creates own content like printed articles for hunting magazines and the hunting films on this website.


Hunting Film: Our mission, our story and what drives us

We showcase hunting films and stories from all over the world. These films have one thing in common: they show the authenticity about hunting and the reality what it’s all about. It’s about real hunters, hunting in pure and unfenced wilderness areas during real hunts. It’s about authentic hunting situations, not pretended. It’s about hunting and conservation. Most material was produced by Sebastian Steinbrink-Minami, hunting film producer since 10 years and a keen hunter himself for over 20 years. Follow us on our tracks and watch and read what we have to say about hunting as an attitude towards life – and about the truth of hunting wilderness areas:

„It takes days until you arrive at these remote hunting grounds. Time enough to philosophize about our form of civilization and our human existence: The wilderness does not need us humans, it would continue its struggle for existence even without our help, would crystalize out strengths and weaknesses of individuals and continue to evolve. But I think we need the wilderness to find and to feel ourselves, to appreciate our heritage and life, and as a place of learning.

For the last wilderness areas on earth to be preserved the only chance is by hunting use, and consequently a protection status as a hunting ground. Protection from industrial or agricultural use, protection from mass tourism and infrastructure that result with deadly regularity in all the negative consequences of human civilization. Only the extensive hunting use is able to preserve the wilderness character of an area and at the same time to generate a monetary value to protect the area from other always destructive use.“

With many thanks for the help and the collaboration from brands and important people out there. Representative for various Hunters, Outfitters and Outdoorsmen: Sebastian Steinbrink-Minami & Henrik Lott // © Hunting Film Creatives



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