Hunting DVDs:

Available DVDs in German language are No. 1 „Boars in the Dust“ and No. 2 „Weites Land und Freies Wild“, both have a running time of 65 minutes:

Cover DVD Boars in the DustCover Boars of Africa front










Hunting Equipment:

Windchecker for hunters (designed by Henrik Lott): The open sight hunter Henrik Lott developed this windchecker for the keen walk & stalk hunter. It is demonstrated in several hunting movies how well these tool helps to plan a successful stalk, is the wind certainly in most cases the key component to the hunting success. The sack will be filled with ash and enables the active hunter to check the wind one handed during the stalk. It is a high quality product produced in limited quantities in Germany, easily refillable and made from fine lamb leather. Write us a mail if you are interested to purchase this classic style windchecker and we will answer you how and where to order this product, or visit the shop of JANA JAGD!

Checking the wind during the hunt.

Henrik Lott checking the wind during the hunt.