Hunting Video Streaming

There are several ways to watch our hunting videos on a big TV screen by using video streaming services:

SmartTV: The easiest way to stream the hunting film you selected is by using the youtube app on your smart TV. All recent devices from the main manufacturers come nowadays with a preselected variaty of certain apps. There you can easily choose the youtube video app and stream the video directly on your TV (presupposed you have a strong internet connection and the selected movie is available in your specific country).

Chromecast stick: If your TV is some years older, you can easily stream hunting movies by using the Google chromecast stick. You just plug the stick in the HDMI slot of your TV and connect the TV with the stick. After that you connect your smartphone with the chromecast stick and browse with your smartphone to our hunting videos on youtube and tab on the now appearing streaming-symbol above the video – the stream will start a couple seconds later in HD-quality on your TV. The cost for the chromecast stick is around 35$.

Note: the AMAZON Fire TV Stick works quite similar, but it is optimized to stream Amazon content. And there are other streaming solutions for hunting videos like ROKU, game consoles like NVIDIA SHIELD TV, or streaming solutions like APPLE TV.