Boars of Africa



Boars of Africa is a project set up by a team of passionate hunters and filmers. Their vision is to bring African pigs and other species closer to you and enthuse wildlife fans and hunters to explore the beauty of these animals and the hunt in unfenced wilderness areas of Africa.

What is it all about? Why hunting?

Although we love and respect all game species, at the same time, we like to hunt them. These mixed feelings of both loving and protecting the animals and the will to hunt and eat them, has always been a phenomenon hunters had to deal with for thousands of generations. And it is certainly the reason why most species are still here. The human hunter does not kill more than he needs. He preserves the habitat and the population, and he respects other predators too, as long as a fair balance is visible. Indeed, the intelligent use of game population was often a success factor for our ancestors.

In modern times, it is again the intelligent hunter who fights for the rights of game, the right to move freely within the animals’ habitat, the obligation to respect an off-season from hunting and, much more importantly, the support of areas, where animals are protected against population pressure and economic madness. Of course, not at least because he sees his hunting opportunities threatened.

With our pictures, footage and articles we try to show how fascinating the boars of Africa are, and how fascinating hunting is; how normal, how human – because it’s part of our nature.


Available Boars of Africa DVDs in German language are No. 1 „Boars in the Dust“ and No. 2 „Weites Land und Freies Wild“, both have a running time of 65 minutes:

Cover DVD Boars in the DustCover Boars of Africa front