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SMJ SAFARIS – Bushmanland hunting movie

On November 20th, 2015

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SMJ Safaris offers ethical on foot hunting for elephant bulls in the world renowned Nyae Nyae concession in Bushmanland! We hunt in a true wilderness area of 1 million hectares prime African bushland with Bushmen trackers, bordering Botswana to the West and in the North the Khaudom National Park.
There are several plains game species resident in the hunting concession, such as Roan, Eland, Blue Wildebeest, Oryx, Kudu, Springbok and also large predators like lion, leopard, spotted hyena and African wild dog.

At the end of this video you will find information about the benefits of Big game hunting for the local community and the concession:

The San community of the area benefits directly by financial payments made by hunting operators for concession hunting rights.
Through these payments people of the area receive cash payouts to support their families and livelihood.
Waterholes for local villages in the area as well as wildlife waterholes are maintained through these funds.
People are employed by the conservancy to maintain the area and support villages with these funds.
Vehicles are bought and maintained by these funds in order to run and support the area.
Local programs for growing vegetables and self-sustaining farming are funded by this.

In addition to financial payments the hunting provides a lot of support itself to the local San people.
Hunting camps provide for much needed employment in the area.
Meat from animals hunted in the area is distributed between villages and provides with massive amounts of protein for families.
Very often hunters will support the local clinics by bringing big bags of much needed medical supplies through the SCI “blue bag“ incentive.
Poaching is reduced by hunters moving in the area and anti-poaching units.

Professional hunting is the perfect resource management programme for this area.
It puts very little pressure on the area as very small camps are needed to accommodate a small number of hunters. Not like big lodges for photo safaris tourism.
Very little damage is done to roads and infrastructure as only one vehicle is used in area for hunting. Not big busses full of people.
It keeps the area as a true wilderness area, one of the last to still exist.
Not even 5% of the animal’s total population is taken off for hunting purposes.
Only the oldest and nonbreeding animals are taken off that would have died eventually from lack of nutrition anyway.

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